Sunday, January 18, 2015

Roong-wrote and Guitar were baptized this past week!

This (first) picture pretty much sums up my whole week! I love these two so much and I am so grateful for their desire to be baptized! They are such great examples to me, and are just miracles in my eyes. I have officially made it to the end of my first transfer in country and I can honestly say that it was an ADVENTURE! พ่อRon: You were so right about that!! 

A mission is nothing I ever expected it would be, but it is by far the best decision I have ever made. I love it here. This experience means so much to me BECAUSE of how hard it is. Never be afraid of doing a hard thing. Delaney: "You can do hard things! (haha)"

I just want to end with a scripture I came across this week. I love it! 
D&C 64:22 - "And after that day, I, the Lord, will not hold any guilty that shall go with an open heart up to the land of Zion; for I, the Lord, require the hearts of the children of men." I love this scripture because it reminds me that God requires us to turn our hearts over to Him. To stop trying to do it on our own. To submit our will to His, because that is when the most growth is possible. That is when the fullness of His work and glory is being fulfilled.

Have a great week everyone! 
Love from Thailand! 

~Sister Burbank

Old Wat (temple)


Cleaning the font for the baptism! The water was still green though.

Elder Procter stealing my camera. He is our DL.

This is Guitar

Group picture for the baptism

Guitar and Roong-wrote getting baptised

Our two priesthood holders filling the font. Both are recent converts. And for one, it was his first time baptizing someone. Bro Gap is filling the font and Bro. Lucas is watching.

Bro Jew (super cute!)

Visiting Sisters

Staying dry