Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom... from Thailand

How is everyone doing? 
I am just here enjoying my amazing life in Thailand!! 
Not to make any of you jealous of anything. ;)

*Shoutout to my amazing mother of 19 years! It's her birthday today!!*

Everyone tell her you love her!!!!

I am so happy. ศรีสะเกษ is just the best it gets. Sister Adams is also just the best companion too. 
We had our first baptism together this last Sunday! -Sister อี้ด- She has so much faith and is just the cutest ever.

Sister Adams and I sang an acoustic version of "Come, Come Ye Saints" for her baptism, and it literally was the most last minute musical number you have ever heard, but it was so much fun! Sister Adams played the guitar and we just harmonized. Elder Webb recorded it, so maybe at some point I can get that to you! I've missed singing so much, and just music in general, so I am so excited for this transfer!! Sister Adams and I just sing together all the time. We have so much fun!! 

Also, something unique about ศรีสะเกษ is that the Branch President and his family are the most perfect people on the face of the earth. They took us to a การแสดง Saturday night and to dinner. I heard their cute story about how they met and their first date! Because ironically the small เกียวเตี๋ยว restaurant they took us too was where they had their first date!! SO CUTE.
They have only been members for 3ish years too. It is incredible to see the level of their conversion. They are seriously perfect!! 

I am just so in love with this area!! 
I just love everything about Thailand.
This last week we went to Bangkok for MLC (Training for the STL's and Zone Leaders) so Sister Belnap (In the MTC with me) and I got to be companions for a day! I love her.
It's about an 8 hour train ride from Sisaket to Bangkok so I've done so much traveling in the last two weeks. AND this weekend we are going to Roi-et for the District Conference, and Zone Conference. We will be in Roi-et from Saturday to Monday. So crazy.
I love seeing more of Thailand though.
I love being a missionary.
I love being a member of this church.
I am so EXCITED for General Conference.
I love everyone! 
Have a great week everyone! 


Sister Burbank

New baptism with new companion- Sister Adams

Water fall with no water ... floating in air?

Sisaket District

Church in Sisaket

Cute Kids

Cutest kid named Jared

Thai Cultural show

Branch President in Sisaket and Family