Thursday, October 22, 2015

"It will all workout!"

This week was full of twists and turns when it came to our investigators, but honestly I feel like Philippians 4:11 explains how I feel about everything. "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Like Sister Neill F Marriott (Aka. Momma Roberts, she seriously reminded me so much of John Henry's mom. 555+) reminded us, "It will all workout!" I know this work is in God's hands. 

This last Wednesday, we had an amazing Mission Tour with the new Asia Area President Elder Funk. It was such a great experience I wish I could live it over again. Today, President Johnson asked us to share with him one goal we have made as a result of the conference. So I think I will just post what I shared with him:

"Thank you for the amazing conference with Elder Funk. It was such a great experience for me and I had so many questions of mine answered. My goal that I made from the conference was to use the Book of Mormon more effectively in my teaching. I feel like that was a direct answer to my question on how to teach more like the Savior. I can't remember who said it but I keep having this thought run through my head that the Savior had to have studied the scriptures diligently from a young age to have become the master teacher that He is. Especially to be able to minister in the temple at age 12. I have also noticed that as I have asked for counsel from the many great teachers that I know in my life, their answers come down to exactly what you counseled me in your last letter. Prepare. Pray for Charity. Live What You Teach. The Savior was PERFECT in all three of those aspects, which made it possible for the spirit to carry His words unto the hearts of those He taught. I have learned that it is less about what you say, but more about how you make them feel. So as I have focused my preparation more on how I want the investigator to feel in a lesson, and less on what I should say, I have found that Gods promise is made sure. He really does give you "in the very moment what ye shall say." (D&C 100:6). Which is such an important experience for both the investigator and the missionary to have. In the end, both of our testimonies are strengthened and we are both edified in Christ. So that is my goal. To better prepare for lessons, by diligently seeking the scriptures, using them in my teaching, and focusing more on how I want the investigator to feel, rather than what I want to say."

I feel like writing that up really helped me solidify all the great thoughts I got from that meeting. Anyways. Yesterday was also a great day, because I talked to Sister June for a while about being a missionary. She is preparing for a mission right now and it helped me so much to talk with her. It reminded me of when I would talk to the Sister Missionaries back home before my mission. It's so weird that I am now in their position. I seriously love all the members here though. I am so blessed to serve here. 

One last tip when comforting people, or trying to help someone through a hard time.

"Don't dwell on the problem, dwell on how the Savior is the solution." -Elder Funk

Christ literally is the solution to EVERY heartache, every struggle. Keeping that perspective can change your life. :)

Have a great week! 
Love you all.

Sister Burbank