Monday, November 16, 2015

More Pictures from my new Area - Roi Et

Roi Et (new area) - I LOVE BIKING AREAS! I feel like I can actually breathe out here. I love it.

Sister Yang!! My new companion! She is from California and is Hmong! Seriously this is going to be the best companionship. I already love her so much.

Sister Smith! A greenie from Washington. She looks so much like Sister Anderson we had to take a picture.

Our investigator Sister ชมพู่ She is so cute. 12 years old and already has the faith of a prophet, I swear! She is so cute. She has a date for Dec. 6th! <3 I love this ward. Honestly, I don't understand how you can literally have constant happiness like this! 

Traveling by bus with our bikes out to the Rice Fields of Roi Et. Best bus ride ever. NO A/C Dad!! 555

Sister Yang (my new companion) being adorable

So technically I have two companions! We are in a trio until Dec. 2nd. Sister Larson is STL with me! She is from Arkansas and loves Disney movies and Pride and Prejudice. So we obviously get along great.

Found these กระต่ายสองตัว at B. ปอ's house! We had dinner at his house last night. These are the cutest little soap stones I have ever seen. I freaked out when I saw them and then Elder Hales reenacted my reaction and it was so funny. I love this district!! I love 101 (By the way, Roi Et means One hundred and one in Thai)