Monday, May 25, 2015

I hope everyone can feel of this contentment in their lives at some point. It honestly is the best feeling.


So this week has been exciting. 
Sister Tau and I just tried to get everything going again. 
We got to meet with a bunch of our RC's this week that we haven't had a chance to meet in the last 3 months. (I can't believe I have been in this area for over 3 months. SO WEIRD.) 

Anyways, so here in Sisaket, just to give you an idea of the work, we have over 22 RC's (recent converts in the last year) that we as a companionship are supposed to be meeting with weekly. But unfortunately many of them are really hard to contact. But this last week we actually met with a majority of them, either in person or on the phone. That ended up being a huge miracle, because usually they don't even answer their phone. So by the end of the week we had 18 RCLA lessons! Which was awesome.

I feel bad for Sister Tauteoli because she literally just got here, and doesn't know any of these people. There's no way you can remember every one and their stories in only a week, so if I end up moving this transfer and she stays, GOOD LUCK. 555 

So yeah. This week is transfers. And we still don't know who is moving. Sister Tauteoli and I definitely won't be staying together, but we are grateful we got this week together! She is so much fun. She was born and raised in Salt Lake, but both of her parents are from Tonga. So she has been just perfect for me. And she loves basketball and volleyball! :) 

This last Friday we had a switch-off and Sister Witawee came to Sisaket. She is serving with Sister Brown in Ubon (about an hour away). and I LOVE HER. Seriously, she is khon Thai and so for an entire day EVERYTHING was in Thai. Literally hardly spoke any English on Friday, and I LOVED IT. I want to be a companion with a khon Thai so bad. It would make my language get so much better. Just spending one day with Sister Witawee I could already see a difference. And she is literally hilarious. She kept saying I am the weirdest "ฝรั่ง" (white person) she has ever met. Because I only eat Thai food, and I want to ใช้เวลา (take time) after my mission to get married. 555
She is so fun, I hope I get to serve with her again at some point.

I am just so happy honestly. I feel good this week, and I can't even remember thinking about home once. Even though I know I probably did. But being in Thailand just feels normal now. It's crazy hot EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I love it. I love speaking Thai, I love just teaching and helping people. It just feels so good. I love my District!! 

I love Sister โรส (Rose)!! Who is getting baptized next week.
I feel like I haven't even got a chance to talk about her. Every week I forget that no one back home know any of the people that I am constantly around. 
So let me tell you about her. 
She's been here with me ever since my first Sunday in Sisaket.
She is a 13 year old girl who is a student of one of the members here.
She has had the desire to be baptized for a while, but because she is only 13 and her parents are not interested in getting baptized she had to come to church 12 times before she could actually get baptized. So next week is Week 12!! 

I can't even tell you how much I love her.
Yesterday, was our last lesson with her before her baptism and I honestly teared up a little to see the growth in her testimony over these last 3 months. I was there when we first taught her how to pray, apprehension and all, and now she offers to say the opening prayer in our lessons. I honestly can't explain anything I am feeling right now, but I know the gospel changes lives. I remember how shy Sister Rose used to be, how insecure she was, but now all I see is the light in her eyes. The amount of confidence she has now is contagious. And I have been here to witness it all.

I've had 3 companions in these last 3 months, and one thing that they all agreed on is how adorable and perfect Sister Rose is. 555
And I actually just got off the phone with her because she randomly called me, so I can add my opinion to that too. SHE IS PERFECT! 555

I feel so blessed to be here and experience the things I have. I love these people so much. And yes, I have moments of frustration, and heart ache, and pain and exhaustion. But then I have moments like this. Peace just pure peace. 

"Truly, one of the great blessings of devoted discipleship is 'the peace of God, which passeth all understanding'" (Elder Bednar, [Philippians 4:7] General Conference, April 2015)

Read that quote this morning for personal study and just loved it. Seriously though. The peace of God "passeth all understanding". I can't explain it. I don't know why I feel so good when I think about Sister Rose's conversion, or think about the miracles that I've seen. But I know it's from God. And I know that it is a peace that only God can offer. "Not as the world giveth, give I unto you." (John 14:27)

I hope everyone can feel of this contentment in their lives at some point. It honestly is the best feeling. 

Have a great week! 


Sister Burbank
Me and Sister Piew (72 years old and first member baptized in Sisaket)

Mangos and Sticky Rice Stand 

 (she's been a member for 20 years)

 Sister Tauteoli and I Eating Mangos and Sticky Rice

Sister Witawee and I on splits for the day