Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. I never realized how many people I actually know. I guess you just have to wait till your birthday to find out how many friends you actually have. 555
But seriously thank you!

This week has been exciting. On Thursday we went and met the new mission president! President Johnson. And to be honest, that was so great. I feel so much at peace with knowing he is the new president. The weird part was realizing that he is my FATHER. Like seriously. He is so much like Wade it's weird. All the way down to fishing in Alaska. And ironically before they came to Thailand they took a trip to the Oregon Coast. Spent time at Gold Beach. Oh and did I mention his whole family is ginger and like 7 feet tall? 55 Okay he's only 6'5. But he has a daughter who is 6'2 and married a guy who was 6'9. Oh and he's an accountant. Seriously felt like I knew the guy already. They are from Utah, of course, and just the cutest people ever. President Johnson is just a solid rock kind of personality. Exactly like Wade. I have a feeling that I am going to like him being president because he thinks a lot like me. 555 AND HE PLAYS BASKETBALL!!!! <3  

Okay. Enough with the weird comparisons. 
This week was better. Still getting over my weird sickness. It's not a cold or anything like that, it's more like I am always just in pain and never want to eat. Which makes me sicker, and weaker, and all that jazz. But it's okay. I'll figure it out eventually. Had a lesson in Laos last night, and that was amazing because I actually understood. I can't speak Laos, but I can understand it. So weird. Definitely the Gift of Tongues. I hope I stay with Sister Sihabut this transfer, because I want her to teach me how to speak Laos. I can a little bit, but not enough to have a conversation. It is seriously so beautiful though. I feel the spirit so strongly in Laos, and I don't know why. Thai is beautiful too, but Laos just has a special place in my heart. I always tell Sister Sihabut how grateful I am that she is my companion. I really do love her. I don't know if I ever said this, but she was born in Savannahkhet. Just across the boarder in Laos. And she is the 7th of 8 kids in her family and is 27 years old! :) And she's perfect, which I pretty much say every email because it's true. 555
Anyways, not a whole lot of time this week, but just wanted to say thank you and I love you to everyone! Still don't know the verdict if I am moving or not. We will find out today though. I have been here for 3 full transfers now (4.5 months) so honestly it could go either way.
I love this area so much. I have gotten so close to the members here they are my family.
It's going to be hard to leave. 

Quote of the week: "Prayer is an act by which the will of the Father and the will of the Child are brought into correspondence with each other...many prayers remain unanswered because they are not in Christ's name at all; they in no way represent His mind but spring out of the selfishness of man's heart." (Bible Dictionary: Prayer) 

Just some food for thought. I have really been reflecting on this definition this week. Helped me understand how to better use my prayers as a way to align my will with God's.

Love you and have a great week! <3

Sister Burbank