Monday, September 21, 2015

Cambodian's and สะพานสูง

So this week we met a Cambodian family!! It's kind of a miracle story actually. Sister Hayes and I were just eating lunch at the Food Center in Seacon (Giant mall by our house) and I decided to get soup from this one stand. Turns out the women working at that stand was a LA member from Cambodia! She got baptized over 2 years ago, and then moved to Thailand and hasn't been to church since she moved here. She recognized our tags and kept showing pictures of her baptism and missionaries from Cambodia. She speaks Thai a little, but she is like us. She told us how much she wants to go to church, but since she moved she didn't know where to go. She also has a super strict job that makes her work everyday. She only gets 2 days off every month. And usually they are never allowed to be Sundays because of how busy they are on Sundays. But she really wanted to meet with us because she misses church. So this last week we finally made an apt with her and she ended up bringing her whole family who aren't members. She wants them to learn so bad. It was the most interesting lesson I have ever had on my mission. Brother ซู, who is a member in our ward, speaks Cambodian and tried to help us. He can't read Cambodian and he doesn't know the gospel in Cambodian so it honestly was just so interesting! We gave them Book of Mormon's and pamphlets of the Restoration and Gospel in Cambodian. So at least they can study on their own. I just can't stop thinking about the FEELING that was in that lesson. The spirit was so strong. I couldn't understand anything, but Cambodian was such a beautiful language. I honestly just realized how much I had to relay on the spirit to show these people that I really did love them. I couldn't really tell them so I had to work on showing it. It was just a really special moment for me. Knowing Brandyn's whole mission was in this language, blows my mind. 555 CAMBODIAN IS HARD! 555 I showed them pictures of Brandyn and told him how he speaks. I showed them his tag from his mission because I have a picture printed off that I carry around with me for some reason. 555 And they loved it! They read it in Cambodian so I could hear it and it just made me so impressed. I hope that we can figure out how to help them get to church. Just pray for them please! 

Anyways! So besides that amazing experience. I went on a switch off with Sister Ong my STL this week in Sapan Sung! Which was SOOOO good. I love her so much. Met so many amazing members there and just had the time of my life. Life is so good for real! How did I get so lucky??????

My spiritual thought for the week comes from my personal study.
This quote from Elder Wilford Anderson made my day.
"Dissonance in the home is like darkness in a room. It does little good to scold the darkness. We must DISPLACE the darkness by introducing light." 
Isn't that just the truest thing you have EVER HEARD!!!?? 
You can't get rid of darkness by trying to combat it with more darkness. You HAVE to introduce light. The Savior is our perfect example of light. As we try to be like Jesus like the primary song teaches us, we can eliminate that dissonance, and unhappiness from our families, and experience the peace and light that brings true happiness. So good. This talk was from last April 2015 conference. It's called "The Music of the Gospel". Which was probably one everyone remembers because it was so good. I can't wait for conference! I can't believe it has already been 6 months again. This is going WAY too fast!!! SLOW DOWN! 

Have a great week! Love you <3 

Sister Burbank


Cambodian Family!

Switch off with Ong! 

Church in Sapan Sung

Saying goodbye to Sister Nong!! She is moving to Provo with her daughter. This ward is really going to miss her.

This is how we call buses to stop for case you were wondering. There really isn't bus stops they will just stop and take you from pretty much anywhere. 555