Monday, February 1, 2016

Love you all and remember who you are!

Welllll..........I feel happy!!! 

This week was full of just incredible experiences. From witnessing the first steps of complete unity within our stake when it comes to missionary work to having our incredible investigator Sister A pass her interview. She is getting baptized next Sunday!!! B. Uan is still going strong but we had to move his baptismal date for later this month. He is working at helping his wife become converted first now too! And he wants to wait for her! She lives in Bangkok so it's a little long distance but it feels right. Families! We also have Sister Joy and Sister Bia on date for Feb. 14th and they are the family of Sister Pop who just got baptized! Then we have Sister เอย which I can't spell in English who is on date for the 28th of Feb! 

Miracle: They all came to church on Sunday! So we got to teach them all! It was such a great day. And B. Uan even brought his 10 year old son who is visiting from Bangkok, He has two kids, BM (10 yr. son) and Benz (daughter)....Needless to say he loves cars. 555+ 

We also visited Sister Wai our 93 year old investigator on Sunday. Unfortunately she didn't make it to church today but when we stopped and visited she seemed to be doing okay. We prayed with her and let her sleep. The Bishop and his wife took us. So nice of them. Sister Yang and I are seriously so tight with the Bishop and his wife here. We get along so well! 555+

Then the Bishop and his wife wanted to take us out to the Stake Presidents house for his mom's funeral because this last weekend she passed away. It was such an interesting experience because it was a Buddhist funeral because the Stake President's mom was still Buddhist, but because of the perspective we have the spirit could still be felt as we sang a few hymns and prayed with them. It was one of the coolest experiences on my mission and really strengthened my testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I have been to Buddhist funerals before but having the Stake President there and having it be his mother, made the feeling different. I was so impressed. I love and respect that family so much! 

Honestly, this was just such a spiritually packed week! We had zone conference this last Friday too! So we got to see President and Sister Johnson which is always a pleasure. 

Rina DIES (goes home) on Friday!!!!!!!!!!! What the WHAT?! 

Where has time gone?
We get transfer calls today....I hope I stay.
I don't know what is going to happen. We will see.

Thank you to everyone who writes me!! Honestly. I feel bad I can't respond to everyone. But just so you know I really do love reading your emails. It brightens my day so much! 

Love you all and remember who you are! :) 

Sister Burbank

(P.S. Isaiah 53-54 - I am obsessed with these chapters right now...check 'em out!)

Proof that I was cold.....Thank you แม่นิน for the headband! 
After she passed her interview!!!! I love her...
 Seriously...I am so tall...555+
 Roi Et Zone conference!! 
 Bishop and his wife chilling after church. Watching Sister A's daughter while she interviews for baptism. :) I love this family!! Sister A and her husband are going to be great members. 
 Sister A and Garfield... they are such a miracle. We found them while we were contacting one day out in Tawaburi. Which is a 12km bike ride from the church. God works in mysterious ways! 
 These missionaries cramming into one tiny thai kitchen. 5555+