Sunday, August 23, 2015

Elder Holland came and MOVING to Bangkok

Elder Holland was absolutely incredible. Shaking his hand was even cooler. 555
One of the highlights of my entire mission. 
This mission means everything to me and it has in no where been picture perfect. I understand what it means now to struggle. Missions aren't supposed to go smoothly. They are supposed to be hard, because it's only through the trials that we will truly become converted. 
"This is NOT a cunningly devised fable."
I loved when he said that because so many people try to just easily shake this whole thing off as just wishful thinking and just false. But what Elder Holland emphasized is that the sacrifices made by many for this gospel are TOO great for it to just be a devised fable. THIS IS GOD'S TRUTH. Not just some make belief bed time story. He also emphasized that "He HAS been our age, and we haven't been his" so trust him. He also paid a really great tribute to the 2 Apostles that recently passed. Saying that "don't go telling them that this was all a cunningly devised fable" because this meant EVERYTHING to their whole lives. And Holland reiterated that it means everything to his as well. I can't explain in full detail just how I feel, but just know that I believe the declaration made by Mormon in 3 Nephi 5:13 - "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." Also, I am never going to be the same. I can't be the same. I am changed for the better and I am never going back.
Ever upward.
I know this is true. 

Just a few thoughts from Holland before I get started on this week. Feels like one of the longest weeks of my life, but so perfect and necessary. 


I am now serving in Srinakharin! Which is in Bangkok. Yes. And my companion is Sister Hayes!!!!! She is from Rexburg, Idaho and her parents are currently serving as mission presidents in Costa Rica! She has 9 siblings in her family and I seriously LOVE HER! I can't even explain how great the last 3 days have been. She is from Sister Anderson's MTC group! :) 

We have been living in a hotel because Sisters haven't served in this area for over a year and a half so Sister Hayes and I are opening it! So we still don't have a house but that's fine because we are never home anyways. Our first day we met one of the sweetest ladies EVER. Her name is แม่ Nong. She was the on RS Pres, but now she is just a counselor in the RS presidency but she is so involved in the church it's insane. She was excited to get Sisters serving here. They have been wanting Sisters back for a while. 

Saturday was so great. We had a Stake Sports day, which was a lot of fun. So many members went! It was awesome. Got to meet a bunch of members from all the other areas in the Stake and it was just cool to see how many people were there! 

Sunday was amazing too. Church was so great, and we also got to go visit S. แนน (19 yr. old strong member) and her dad who isn't a member. Apparently, the Elders have been trying to meet him for a while because he is never home, but today we just randomly stopped by her house to meet her LA mom and her dad was there!! He said he normally isn't there but today he randomly had a day off. It was so cool, so we got to pray and read with them. Then we just walked with Sister นก a really cool RC, with an awesome story, and invited people on our way to our dinner apt. I felt happy. Just like I was floating. Honestly, these last 3 days I have just felt like I am floating. Sister Hayes and I just have so much fun, and laugh and are crazy. We are literally the same person. We both just have so much love for the work and people. It's so stereotypical to say, but I honestly haven't felt this good, this consistently for a while. Its just pure bliss right now.

Sister Hayes just gets it. She is an INCREDIBLE missionary, and her testimony is solid. She is also AMAZING at the language. Only 4 months in country and she already speaks better than I do. 555 And you can just tell and see how much she really loves the people. It's contagious. 

I am so blessed to be here right now. I feel like I have already learned and grown so much. I have made a goal to try and fully consecrate myself till the end of my mission, no more worrying about things I can't control, no more worrying about the future, no more dwelling in the past. It's all about the eternal perspective, and what I can do RIGHT NOW to become who Christ needs me to become. I have never been so happy. I love getting lost in the work. Sister Hayes and I are just glowing with happiness! 555 I just feel so happy! <3 

Sister Burbank

In Bankok

New Comp- Sister Hayes from Rexburg

Stake Sports day

Our permanent hotel room for now 

Saying good bye to Sisaket people