Monday, May 18, 2015

We both came out better people.....God knows and that is all that matters.


This has been a really busy week for me. 
As some of you already know. Sister Anderson flew home from Thailand this week.
And instead of trying to explain the situation, I am just going to give you the link to her blog because she is SO much better at explaining it than I am. But I just want everyone to know how much I love her, and that her leaving was a very prayerful decision on all of our parts. Including President Senior. It was NOT an impulsive decision. This has been in the works for a few weeks now.

With that being said. This last week was pretty intense. Tuesday we were traveling to Bangkok, and Wednesday morning I was in the airport. Afterwards, making me companionless.
I spent the next few days with the 4 Asoke sisters and that ended up being a lot of fun. But I was ready to go back to Sisaket. President promised me I would be coming back.
So Friday I took a bus to Mahasarakham and picked up my companion Sister Tauteoli! 
She was a trio there with Sister Remington (my MTC comp) and Sister Macknight (Her MTC comp). It was a fun few hours we got to hang out and catch up a little bit together, it was such a blessing. But I honestly have just been aching to get back to Sisaket since last week. So finally Saturday night I made it back.
Now being home for a few days I feel relaxed.
My favorite part of this last week was the 15 minutes at church I had to take the sacrament yesterday.
I had such a peace wash over me and comfort that everything was going to workout. Remembering my Savior and thinking about His sacrifice for me helped me realize how blessed my life truly is. That I even had the opportunity to meet Sister Anderson is a miracle. She has forever changed my mission, and my understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ has been strengthened because of that companionship.
As hard as this last transfer has been, I know more than ever that God loves His children and has a plan for each of us. 
Never has my testimony of that truth been so strong.
I am so proud of Sister Anderson and I know that she will continue to serve in perhaps an even greater capacity back home, as she empathizes with all of those missionaries in similar situations to hers. She has been an incredible example to me of tenacity and just pure love. She knows how to rely on Christ. More fully than anyone I have ever met, and she will be an inspiration to many throughout her life.
Thank you for everything you have taught me Sister Anderson. I love you.

Just a quick spiritual thought from this morning.
I read President Eyring's talk from the General Women's Conference and it was so inspiring.
It was all about the gift of the Comforter. He tells about a time he was asked to go visit a family who had just recently lost their 5 year old son, He writes:

"After saying those few words, I felt impressed to listen with love while they talked about their feelings. In the hour we sat together, they spoke far more than I did..."


That is the biggest lesson I have learned this last transfer and no one will ever fully understand what this transfer meant to Sister Anderson and I. But we both came out better people. 
God knows and that is all that matters.

Thank you for all the support! Love from Thailand! 

Sister Burbank

My new companion is wearing the hat, Sis. Tauteoli and my MTC comp Sis Remington