Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Congratulations to Tory and Elise!! The beautiful couple. Thank you to everyone who emailed me this week with pictures! SO GORGEOUS. It ALMOST felt like I was there :) Also, Congratulations to Sister Adams who got married this last week too! Members showed me pictures here, and she looked absolutely beautiful! Miss you guys! 

Knowing that they both got married in the temple just makes me so happy too. It reflects me back to August 2014 when my best friend, Julie Anne "Moose-man" (555 it even rhymes...), got married in the Portland Temple. It's insane to think its almost been a year since then. But I still remember the feeling I had as I sat in the Sealing Room and watched her and Christian be sealed for time and all eternity. THAT is what it's all about. But don't worry, I'm not marriage trunky yet.... ;) I just feel so much loves!! I love all the love that's going on right now! In the next couple days, President and Sister Senior will be flying home, and President and Sister Johnson will be arriving. The love and respect I have for President and Sister Senior will be everlasting. Seriously though. They will never fully understand the impact they have had on my life. Which goes for all the missionaries that have had the chance to serve with him over these last 3 years. He has left an incredible mark on Thailand, and in the lives of his missionaries. And of course we welcome President Johnson and his wife as well! I am so excited to get to know them. We are going to Khon Kaen on Thursday for a short meet and greet. I am excited to see how this transition goes! I am lucky that this transition comes in almost the exact middle of my mission. These next 9 months with President Johnson are going to be LEGENDARY (That one's for you John.....555). 

This week has been incredible! So on Saturday Sister Mint got baptized! :) She is 19 years old, and just the most put together classy 19 year old I have ever met. She's just so down to earth and real, and I love her so much! The miracle part about her is that this last Sunday was the first time we had ever met and had a lesson with her since she just recently got back from Ubon. She lives with her extended family who are strong members here in Sisaket. I asked her how she was not baptized yet since she told me she has been going to church since she was a little kid. She didn't know but said she wanted to be baptized. So I told her that this coming Saturday she could get baptized if we just met everyday this week to teach her all the lessons. She agreed, and so this past week we have been going over to her house everyday and teaching her. Then Friday she interviewed, Saturday her Uncle got to baptize her, and Sunday she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Seriously the most smooth transition I have ever seen. And watching her face during all of it was just perfect. She is a pretty shy soft spoken girl, but her face was just lit up. She could not stop smiling! Which made me not be able to stop smiling! Everyone was just so happy, and you could just feel the love! (Is it bad if like a thousands songs just popped into my head after writing that...555) Anyways....this week is just happy!! :) Sister Sihabut is just perfect. Honestly. She is literally perfect. I have learned so much from her already and just hope that next week I don't move!! Transfers week again?!? So weird.

Random fact for the week: Me and Sister Ong nerdily figured out that the chances of a Sister Missionary getting called to Thailand is .05%. I am 1 of 43 Sister Missionaries here in Thailand right now, and there are currently about 85000 missionary out in 406 different missions. Needless to say, I think I am supposed to be here.

Love you all so much! Hope everyone has a Happy Fourth of July!! :)

Sister Burbank

Thailand: Where rabbits wear clothes and chickens fight.
Seriously....I love this country.

 Sister Sihabut is perfectly cute as always. 
 This was last Monday.  I literally look like death because I was so sick that day! 555

View outside the church.  SO BEAUTIFUL.

I love her!
Sister Mint :)

 Sister Mint and her Uncle

 Teaching แม่สี except she only speaks Issan. So essentially I was pretty mute during that lesson. BUT I learned alot of Issan. So that was good 555
First two things she said to me:
1. Do you have a boyfriend?
2. Don't get married too fast when you get home.

She was hilarious!! :) I LOVE OLD PEOPLE SO MUCH!!! 555