Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Companion. Sister Rose got Baptized.

Sister Rose got baptized yesterday after we have been teaching her for 3 months! AHHH I Love her so much,.
I am out of time to email, because I was helping my companion set up her email most of the time. So I am just quickly sending pictures. We moved houses today as well so I am not going to send a big email. But hopefully with the explanation of these pictures, it will be enough to know how my week went. I am so happy! 
Also, we are going to bangkok again on wednesday. SO MUCH TRAVELING. I literally have traveled to bangkok every week it feels like since march. So many bus rides.....blah. 555
I never get sleep. The life of a missionary though!  

Swensen's with the Sisters! 

So we got back to Sisaket on Friday morning, and that is when we found out that my companion got accidentally sent to Chiang Mai (The slides at transfers were messed up, and president was just going to leave it, but then he called us Friday night and said that the spirit wont stop bugging him that I am supposed to be with S. Sihbut). Which meant we had to goto Khon Kaen that Friday night to pick her up Saturday morning, and send Sister Ong's companion (the khon Thai in the picture, Sister Sattatip) to Chiang Mai.
So now Sister Ong is waiting for her companion. And I am with Sister Sihbut สีหาบุตร.
I am so excited! Originally I was the one Sister in the companionship that was going to wait for her companion but now I am the one training right away. Crazy.

Sending Sister Sattatip off in the airport in Khon Kaen.

 Me, Sister Ong, Sister Sihbut

Rina being a crazy boss carrying her bike all the way down the street. On our way to transfers!