Sunday, April 19, 2015

I am training a brand new missionary. Sister Anderson from Washington.

สวัสดีจาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาา 555 (only a handful of you will understand why that's funny)

Another week has come and gone. And some how they just keep getting better. 
I spent almost all of last week in Bangkok but after THURSDAY I got my new companion!!! :) 
พอดีว่า she is from Washington too! 
And with no shock to anyone in the mission her name starts with an "A". Just like every single one of my last companions. 555 (Sister Alley, Sister Adams, and now Anderson). Okay. I guess Sister Remington didn't start with an "A", but her first names "Auburn" so I am sensing a trend.
Eventually, I am going to have to run out of sisters in the mission for me to be companions with. What is President going to do once I've been companions with all the "A's"!?!? 555
She just got to Thailand too, so I have the honor of watching her fall in love with Thailand like I have.
Something she said yesterday made me laugh.

"I think it is unhealthy how fast I have become obsessed with Thailand." - Sister Anderson

That's what I love to hear! :) 

We have had a great first few days after the transfer.
We have been teaching so many families lately! I love it! 
Just yesterday we went and taught a few referrals from a member in the ward.
We went in not sure what to expect, but we ended up teaching a mother and son about the Plan of Salvation. We explained the importance of baptism in the Plan of Salvation, and they are now on date to get baptized next Sunday. It's incredible to see who the Lord has prepared to receive His gospel. Some people are just ready. I love seeing the light in their eyes. It's something I will never get enough off.

This is real. Everything about this gospel is REAL. In the words of Elder Bednar this is "ABSOLUTE TRUTH". I can't explain it. I can't prove it. I can just testify of it. 
I know:
-Jesus Christ is our Savior.
-Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration.
-The Book of Mormon is the word of God.
-God answers prayers

Hope everyone is as happy as I am.


Sister Burbank

3 generations Sis Alley (my trainer), Sis Burbank and Sis Anderson (my Greenie)

Chilling in Bangkok

Love this background. This is Sis Adams and I after we ate at Sizzlers in Bangkok

Me, Sister Anderson, Sister Adams (The new and the old) 

Reunited and it feels so GOOD! I love my trainer.

We ran into this lady at the mission office, I first met her at temple square last October 2014.

 First Companion picture in Sisaket! We are so ready. I LOVE SIS. ANDERSON