Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We have had so much work this week... and Happy Birthday to friends

First things first! 

Happy Birthday to Julie (June 3rd), my companion Sister Ong (June 8th) and Sister Grover, RINA, (June 7th). Hope you all had great birthdays!! :) 
This week was really good. I was telling President how I feel like I have reached a new level of consecration this week. It was like a level up, a checkpoint.
I felt like as I look back on the missionary and person I used to be, I can see a difference. And 
We have had so much work this week. Sister โรส got the Holy Ghost this last Sunday, and I honestly just felt so good experiencing that. 

I lead the music in church every week now because Sister Ong plays piano better than me, but I honestly love it. I get to sit on the stand and look out at all the members every week and just smile at them individually when they accidentally make eye contact with me. I can truly say I love these people here. And not just a surface, acquaintance kind of love. This is real deep love that can only come from charity, the pure love of Christ. Because that is where this love ultimately stems from. My undying faith and love of my Savior, Jesus Christ. As I have served these last 8 months, I have developed a form of charity for people that I didn't even know was possible. 

I feel like I have this connection to the Spirit that wasn't there before. Now I can literally read any quote and just really FEEL of it's truth. Not just think to myself "Oh that was a nice quote." Instead, I feel like I am experiencing the feelings the Apostle or Prophet experienced as he said it. And THAT is only possible though the power of the Holy Ghost, which I have been working SO hard these last 8 months to get on this kind of spiritual level. It's truly incredible. I have gained an even greater and deeper respect for the apostles and prophets of this church. And I honestly can say I LOVE them. The truths they speak are SO TRUE. Just so true. I could just spend hours thinking about a simple quote. It feels so enlightening when I do it! It's like I can't get enough and I am filled with this warmth and strength and happiness that can't ever be accurately explained. It is as if all the pain in my body both mentally and physically is just taken away. 

This week was just a lot of fun. Sister Ong and I get along so well, and we are both just preparing the area for training. We have so much work to do since we have to look after two area books together until our companions get here to help us. It's actually just so great though. We both have phones too, so we joke that we are the Sister AP's here in Sisaket. 555 
We have been teaching a lot this week, and just been biking all over the place to all these appointments. It's great. 
Elder Johnson and Wertz are great too. 
We are going to Ubon this week for the meeting where they make the first stake in the Issan!! And I get to be apart of it! :) I am singing in the choir that Sisaket made to preform at the meeting/stake conference too. They are all so cute.
I am so excited to go! I will be in Ubon, Friday-Sunday. So like when I went to Roi-Et a few months ago. It's like a 3 day thing again.
I can't wait! I'll get to see Sister Alley again too! And Sister Remington and Sister Tauteoli! They are all in the Roi-et Zone, and both the Roi-Et zone and Ubon zone are going to this conference. (P.S. I am in the Ubon zone if you didn't know) It will also be the last time I see President Senior and Sister Senior. So this is just going to be a super emotional week. 555

Hope you all are doing great.
Love you all! 

Sister Burbank

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