Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's incredible because some how the gospel just keeps getting deeper and deeper for me.

So emailing got moved to today! Since we will be in Bangkok on Saturday to see Elder Holland, and we won't be having P-day next Monday. So President gave permission to email today in our areas. 
Not a lot to report, since I feel like I literally just emailed, but these last couple days were pretty good. I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow morning to see Elder Holland!! I am staying in Thonburi with Rina, since we have to stay in Bangkok for a couple nights, so that should be fun. Sister Sihabut is excited to go too! She wants to meet the Burmese Sister so it worked out great. Slowly I feel like I have been saying goodbye to the members here. Everyone keeps asking me when I am moving. It's kind of depressing, but its time. I am really going to miss it though. 

We have this one investigator right now, Sister Cookie, she is 17 years old and just the cutest thing ever. I have she came to church on her own last Sunday and this week we have been calling her to follow up on her commitments and she has kept all the commitments so far. I just can't believe how solid she is. She is what it means to find the elect. Her understanding comes so fast, and honestly I wish every investigator would have the desire she has. It will be sad not to see how things work out for her, but I am grateful I got to at least see the beginning of her conversion. I really hope Sister Sihabut stays to continue teach her. She's great.

If you are curious. Here is the list of scriptures that we were given by President to prepare for Elder Holland.
Here is the email President sent us:

While I was in the MTC, Elder Holland provided a list titled, "Twenty Teachings in the Book of Mormon on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland."
Given Elder Holland's passion for the Atonement and for the Book of Mormon, I believe this listing is a great source of study as we prepare to be taught by Elder Holland. Please read the references provided and discuss the concepts in Companionship Study.

1. Nephi's record of the "God of Nature" suffering and the first of Isaiah's testimonies of the Messiah (1 Nephi 19, 21)
2. Lehi's patriarchal blessing and discourse (2 Nephi 2)
3. Jacob's two-day sermon (2 Nephi 6-9)
4. Nephi's final testimony on the doctrine of Christ (2 Nephi 31-33)
5. Jacob's "few words" (Jacob 4)
6. King Benjamin's sermon (Mosiah 2-5)
7. Abinadi's declaration before King Noah, including Isaiah's prophetic testimony (Mosiah 14-16)
8. Alma's testimony to the Church in Gideon (Alma 7)
9. Alma's and Amulek's teaching to Zeezrom (Alma 11-12)
10. Amulek's discourse to the Zoramites (Alma 34)
11. Alma's counsel to his son Corianton (Alma 39-42)
12. Samuel the Lamanite's prophecy (Helaman 14)
13. Jesus's introductory discourse to the Nephites (3 Nephi 11)
14. Jesus's definition of "My Gospel" (3 Nephi 27)
15. Moroni's call to believe in Christ (Mormon 9)
16. Jesus's own pre-mortal testimony (Ether 3-4)
17. Moroni's message to the world on faith, hope and charity (Ether 12)
18. Moroni's summary of his father's teachings on faith, hope and charity (Moroni 7)
19. Mormon's epistle to Moroni regarding little children (Moroni 8)
20. Moroni's invitation to come unto Christ (Moroni 10)

I laughed because it is like half the Book of Mormon. But this is essentially what I have been studying every morning the last month. Honestly, it has been really cool to read all these scriptures of the Atonement back to back. It really strengthened my testimony on just how perfect the Book of Mormon is. All of these scriptures support each other and everything just fits together so perfectly. There is no way someone could make all this up. I honestly just love the Book of Mormon so much. I can't even explain it. I feel like every time I read it my understanding about the depth of the gospel increases. It's incredible because some how the gospel just keeps getting deeper and deeper for me. I NEVER could have imagined before my mission just how deep things really got. And I can't even explain what I mean either. It's something that you have to learn and feel on your own. "Working out your own salvation" kind of thing. SO GOOD FOR REAL! 

I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will be! :)


Sister Burbank

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