Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This week was so full of miracles. And Birthday Shout Outs

Isabel Camille Fisher
Delaney Amber Nelson
Wade Dean Burbank

Three of my favorite people just or are just about to get one year older!! 
Just a quick shout out to all of them...because I love them.

This week was so full of miracles. We found a family that lives about 12 km out of the city, and they are so ready to be members. We took the Bishop and his wife to go visit them last Saturday and they were instant friends. Turns out the mom of this family is an amazing singer and since Bishop and his wife are music teachers, it was just perfect. Bishop even brought his guitar and they all sang to us before we left. It was one of the most memorable nights of my mission. I love this area because I feel like every where we go we sing, or eat. Which are pretty much my two most favorite things to do ever.

Also, Bishop surprised me on Saturday and asked me to speak the next day in Sacrament meeting. Which was my first time ever speaking in a Sacrament meeting in Thai. I was pretty nervous. But it went really well. I just have to say that the Gift of Tongues is a REAL THING. I can't even stress that enough. As I was speaking it was as if someone was guiding my thoughts. It was the coolest experience ever. I can't even believe I gave a talk in Thai. Speaking in Sacrament Meeting and teaching in Thai is so different. But I love both! God is so good. 

I hope everything is going great and everyone isn't too cold. The weather is a scorching 91 degrees here in Roi et. But it's as if it doesn't even phase me anymore. This is HOME! 

I challenge everyone to find someone to serve this week. And make it anonymous! :)

Love from Thailand! 

Sister Burbank

Sister Yang and I - We love each other so much! 


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  1. I find the gift of tongues occasionally too, but I find it comes most often when it has to do with my calling. Change the subject, and I'm on my own!